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PF members stand at the finish line with Truman the tiger after completing a 5K.

Meet Our Officers


The members of People First vote for their own leaders.

A good officer has the following qualities:

  • A good officer is a good listener and a good speaker

  • A good officer is a leader that helps the members become leaders and self advocates

  • A good officer is kind and polite to all of the other officers and members at all times

  • A good officer respects everyone as a person who has something good to offer

  • A good officer explains things to the members using simple words and examples so that everyone can understand

  • A good officer practices how to be a good officer by reading the manual

  • A good officer teaches members how to be an officer and run meetings so that everyone can have a chance to learn to be a leader.

  • A good officer believes in People First and believes that all people in a community can speak for themselves and make the community a better place for everyone to live.

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